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Become a true scientist! In Kortosfera’s laboratories, you can perform chemical, microbiological, and food experiments under the supervision of laboratory scientists. All experiments involve exciting activities that will advance your knowledge of science.


PROGRAM: The Colorful Magic of Liquids and Gases

Become a professional laboratory chemist! In the biological laboratory, the participants can perform experiments with various levels of difficulty, ranging from the simplest (but still fun and colorful!) activities to experiments involving scientific knowledge at high school and university level, all of which are adapted to the participants’ individual needs. During the program, the participants will conduct experiments with the use of natural and synthetic pH indicators, they will learn to measure the pH of various chemical substances; they will perform experiments with dry ice; they will produce hydrogen and learn about oxidation and reduction reactions.

* General description of the activities conducted by the biological laboratory. The programs designed for specific age groups differ in the level of difficulty and the range of the performed experiments.


PROGRAM: The Invisible World – Microorganisms and Food

Discover the world of microscopic cooks which is invisible to the naked eye! In the food science laboratory, the participants will stain oral swab samples with the use of advanced microbiological methods; they will observe oral epithelial cells and the microorganisms colonizing these cells under a microscope. The participants will test the biochemical properties of baker’s yeast and identify chemical compounds in various food products, which can be digested due to the presence of beneficial microorganisms in the human digestive system.

* General description of the activities conducted by the food science laboratory. The programs designed for specific age groups differ in the level of difficulty and the range of the performed experiments.


During the workshops organized at our Center, young scientists can conduct independent experiments in biology, chemistry, and astrophysics, while having fun at the same time. Under the watchful eye of qualified educators, children and teenagers can perform experiments using equipment that can be found in professional laboratories.

Microscopes, optical and magnetic tools, water baths, analytical balances, autoclaves, flasks, cylinders, funnels, test tubes, and pipettes. Even the youngest participants can discover the fascinating and surprising world of science with the help of qualified specialists, which is why we organize workshops for children as young as 7 years old.

Microscope labolatory

The microscope laboratory in Kortosfera features 20 light microscopes, 20 stereoscopic microscopes (binoculars), and a specialist fluorescence microscope.

During laboratory workshops, the participants learn how a microscope works, how to use it, and how to prepare and stain specimens. They examine bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi, and various tissue and cell structures under a microscope. The laboratory is equipped with a large number of microscopic slides with prepared specimens of plant and animal cells and tissues.

Biological labolatory

During workshops in the biological laboratory, the participants learn about chemical reactions that occur in industrial processes and in daily life.

Students who attend the workshops organized by the Kortosfera Center analyze the properties of chemical compounds, experiment with phases of matter and pH indicators, examine DNA with the use of genetic testing equipment, and learn about quantitative and qualitative analytical methods in chemistry research. Biological workshops are also an excellent opportunity to revise course material before the matriculation exam.